12 March 2015

Low cost hobbit house ..

" Who says you need alot of money to live in style?  A british farmer built a hobbit inspired house for just 170 pounds ($ 250). 59-year-old Michael Buck built the small, charming cottage out of recycled and reclaimed material. Since the house was constructed in the backyard of his Oxfordshire home, he didn't have to get special permits."

A link to the article is here: http://sharepowered.com/man-builds-incredible-hobbit-house-for-just-250/                          His website is here: http://michael-buck.blogspot.ca/

After looking at pictures of self-built eco homes for more than 6 years now, my heart still leaps whenever someone builds their dream and creates such organic beauty in the world!

 Many years ago I bumped into a quote which said this:  

" The heart wants what the heart wants "

I think these words sum up the feelings I get inside me whenever I see pictures like this!

I know that in a few years time, I will have the opportunity to build my own dream eco house in a location of my own choosing.  Until then, I just focus on learning and growing and finding out what really makes my own heart sing.  Simplifying life and getting back to basics seems to be the major theme that inspires me endlessly throughout the seasons ...

13 December 2014

Exciting changes ..

I recently bumped into this article on the internet and it made me smile from ear to ear!

Grenoble city to replace street advertising with trees and 'community spaces' - 24th November 2014.

French city Grenoble is banning advertising hoardings and replacing them with trees

The French city of Grenoble, the self-styled capital of the Alps, is to ban advertising hoardings and replace them with trees.  The city's 326 advertising signs, including 64 billboards, will be removed between January and April next year and its contract with JCDecaux, the world's leading outdoor advertising company, will be cancelled, the Green mayor has announced.

"The municipality is taking the choice of freeing public space in Grenoble from advertising to develop areas for public expression," said the office of Eric Piolle, of the French Green party.

"About 50 young trees will be planted before spring" in place of some of the hoardings that currently dot the city of around 160,000 inhabitants, the mayor's office said. Local cultural and social groups will be offered free space in the remaining advertising spots, said Lucille Lheureux, the local official in charge of public spaces, but these will be smaller and aimed "not only at drivers, but also pedestrians."

Ms Lheureux said there had been billboards in Grenoble since 1976 but that they were now "obsolete" and no longer "corresponded to the expectations of the inhabitants who want to reclaim public space." The move to ban the hoardings came as the city's contract with JCDecaux was up for renewal.  The company, whose website says it operates 480,400 advertising panels across the world, said that Grenoble stands to lose €600,000 (£475,000) a year in revenue by not renewing the contract. 

But Ms Lheureux said that with competition from internet advertising, revenues from street advertising if the contract were renewed would have fallen to just €150,000 a year.  JCDecaux will however keep its advertising space on bus shelters in the city at least until 2019, when its current contract with transport authorities runs out. 
The plan to curtail outdoor advertising was a campaign promise by the Green mayor when he ran in recent municipal elections and he claims it is "a European first for a large city".  The Brazilian city of Sao Paulo set a precedent when in 2006 it passed a law banning advertising from its streets.  But in 2012 it eased the ban when it awarded JCDecaux a contract to erect 1,000 clocks that provide locals with information such as the time, temperature and air quality as well as city information.

5 December 2014

Still in bloom ..

Front garden in October ..

Front garden in November ..

 Front garden in December ..

The first frosts have finally made it known to the gorgeous Indian Cress that its time to return to the earth. These delicate orange and yellow flowers stayed in bloom until the first week of December - they have never been in bloom so long in my part of the world before! Even with temperatures of - 2 degrees celcius at night, they somehow still hold on and incredibly, there are even a few edible flowers in bloom right now ..

29 November 2014

Origins - the movie ..

This film has just been released online and it comes highly recommended - follow the link to watch it for free for a limited time:  http://www.filmsforaction.org/watch/origins-exclusive-worldwide-premiere/#.VHURDu-VChE.facebook

" This is a movie about how we have left the natural connection to the planet. The movie investigates how this has happened, the incredible amounts of pollutants that we are exposed to, even as a fetus, and the technology that can help resolve these challenges over time. In short, it is an important case that is made for using renewable energy.

The Origins narrator states: “The macrocosm and the microcosm are reflections of each other, and what we see on a large scale, will inevitably show up on a smaller scale and vice versa. With 
this in mind, we need to look at the health of our planet in order to understand what is happening 
in our own lives.” 

25 November 2014